Recent Success Stories

Motor Trader

We provided advice to a very successful business to enable one of the shareholders to retire allowing his fellow shareholder to continue to run and grow the business. Working closely with the company bankers and legal advisors, what could have been a very stressful time for the client was undertaken with ease.

Veterinary Practice

We advised the client with regard to the successful sale of his business to a large national chain whilst retaining the business properties as an investment. Working closely with the client and his legal advisors, we were able to ensure a smooth transition in ownership.

Recruitment Consultant

We were able to assist in the restructuring of a very complex financial arrangement that could have been very costly for the owners to vacate. Working closely with new funders, the business was able to switch funding arrangements in a smooth manner saving money at the same time.


We assisted the client with the restructuring of the company finances following a number of issues that had left the company in a very precarious position. By working with the owners and preparing some very detailed budgets and forecasts the company has been able to restructure and trade more profitably than before.

Catering Disposables Supplier

During the 2020 Covid -19 pandemic we were instrumental in assisting in the restructure of the finances of this business to ensure its long term future and continued profitability. Difficult situations had to be faced and even more difficult decisions taken and we were able to assist the Directors throughout a very difficult situation.